Training Methodology

Emphasis is also laid on the development of good communication skills. Students have a chance to practice through mock interviews and group discussions. Frequent tests are administered to simulate corporate testing processes, so that students are finally updated to face the rigorous testing process of employers.

Our industry partners have also facilitated students' workshops and provided opportunities for in-plant training, internships and projects, both in India and abroad.

The students are trained to attain the above objectives through a variety of programmes run by the Placement & Training Cell such as:

1. Technical training programmes are being conducted by Technical experts.
2. Students are trained in such away that they can improve their comprehensive personality.
3. Industry Institute Programmes – Corporate leaders from leading industries are invited regularly to interact with students.
4. Language learning programmes to train students in developing their communication skills and foreign language skills such as German and French using the language lab are organized.
5. Training given through Mock Interviews for students to perform well in the professional interviews as per the expectations of the corporate world.
6. Various Training Programmes are organized to train the students in the areas of communication, presentation skills, Aptitude, Quantitative Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Communication through the Reputed External Training companies.