The details of the laboratories

1. Electrical Machines Lab
2. Microprocessor And Control System Lab
3. Measurement And Instrumentation Lab
4. Power Electronics Lab
5. Power System Simulation Lab
6. Linear Integrated Circuits Lab

Major Equipments available in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory


Name of the Laboratory

Equipments Available


Electrical Machines  Lab

Total No. of Rotating Machines - 17

  • DC Shunt,Series,Compound motor
  • DC Series,Compound and Shunt Generator
  • Single and Three phase Induction Motor
  • Synchronous Motor
  • Alternator

Total No. of Static Machines - 10

  • 100A DC Rectifier Unit
  • Transformers
  • 30A DC Rectifier Unit


Microprocessor and Control System Lab

  • Microprocessor kit 8085 & 8086 (Both LED and LCD version)
  • Microcontroller kit 8031 & 8051
  • Digital logic trainer
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • DC servo motor controller
  • AC servo motor controller


Measurement and Instrumentation  Lab

  • Measurement of low resistance - Kelvin double bridge
  • Measurement of medium resistance - Wheatstone bridge, Anderson Bridge
  • For measurement of Inductor - Maxwell Bridge
  • Displacement Measurement Trainer Using LVDT


Power Electronics Lab

·         UJT Firing Module (PEC14M12-A)

·         R-R-C & UJT Firing Module

·         Commutation (Chopper Circuit)

·         Single Phase AC Voltage Controller Trainer Kit(PEC14M14AC)

·         Single Phase Half and Fully Controlled Bridge Converter

·         1HP DC Motor and Single Phase Inverter

·         IGBT based Chopper Consisting of IGBT and Chopper control module

·         Single Phase Cycloconverter

·         Three phase Half and Fully controlled Bridge Converter



Power System Simulation Lab

  • P-IV Personal computers - 30 Nos.
  • Licensed Software's Mipower Ver.5.0.10, MATLAB Ver.13


Linear Integrated Circuits Lab


  • PCB Trainer Kit, PCB
  • Regulated Power Supply 0-30V 2A
  • Dual Power Supply 15V 1A Fixed
  • Measurement meter
  • The IC lab provides an opportunity for the students to study the characteristics of linear IC’s like Op-Amps, Timers, PLL etc.